walimex pro verlichtingsset Video Set Up 128 (Klein Genhout) ☆☆☆

walimex pro verlichtingsset Video Set Up 128 in Klein Genhout

walimex pro lightning set video set up 192

Whether in the studio or for mobile use – this illumination set with the powerful video lamp with 192 LEDs and the sturdy but light lamp tripod FT-8051 generates adequate light for your video shootings. The infinitely adjustable video lamp comes with a diffuser plate and an orange colour filter plate, allowing you to adapt the illumination optimally to any shooting situation. Further flexibility is achieved by using the ball head from the set, which can be fastened on your camera and allows you to tilt the lamp.

LED 192
Videos with your DSLR are a great option for recording special events and creating memories for life. Regardless whether in private situations, e.g., on vacation, during the Sunday walk with the kids or in the realm of professional photo and video, there are plenty of opportunities. Unfortunately, lacking lighting often results in poor quality shots, which can tarnish the joy a little. Avoid that by using the LED Video Light by walimex pro. The light is accommodated in a top-quality and extremely sturdy aluminum body, which guarantees a long life and saves money in the long run. The light, which is equipped with 192 little LEDs, does not flicker and thus ideal for recording video. Due to its dimmability the output can be adjusted steplessly, and thus the lighting adjusted to every recording situation. With the diffuser sheet, you receive soft, diffuse lighting at a light output of 220 Lux, which is ideal for portrait pictures. With the orange color filter sheet you change the color temperature from 5000K to 3100K and receive a warmer lighting mood at a light output of 130 Lux. Due to the 1/4 inch thread connection on the long side and the ball head with cold shoe and 1/4 inch thread connection, the light can be used universally: it can be mounted on a tripod or with the ball head directly on the camera. Due to the ball head, the light can be tilted and rotated. The power supply occurs via the battery or the power cord, so the LED light can be used flexibly stationary or mobile and is ideal for longer sessions as well. The battery has a capacity of 6000mAh and allows a long battery runtime without continuous replacing of the battery. Also included in delivery is a 12V car cable with which you can charge the battery in the car in a time-efficient manner.

FT-8051 Light Stand
The walimex pro FT-8051 Lamp Tripod can be used portably and flexibly with a weight of approx. 1780g and a transport size of approx. 93cm. You can use studio flashguns or reflectors up to a weight of 4kg on this stand. The spring suspension provides the necessary reliability when lowering the individual stand elements. With the standard spigot connection 5/8 inch and 1/4 inch thread the studio stand is suitable for all common studio flashguns and lights.

Illumination set for video shootings with DSLR and Camcorder
flexibly usable
with flicker-free and infinitely dimmable video lamp, 192 LEDs
incl. diffuser plate, orange colour filter plate and ball head for articulated movements
incl. charging station, 12 V automobile cable, power supply unit and powerpack
with sturdy FT-8051 lamp tripod, incl. convenient transport bag

Technical specification:

LED Video Light

Light Output (at 2m distance 270 Lux
220 Lux with diffuser
130 Lux with orange filter
Color Filter 5000K
3100K with orange filter
Operating Voltage 6-10V DC
Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 17,5×4,5x7cm
Weight (without battery) approx. 280g
Battery NP-F970
Dimensions (LxWxH) ca. 7x6x4cm
Weight ca. 290g
Type Li-ion
Voltage 7,4V
Capacity 6000mAh

Light Stand FT-8051

Max. height approx. 260cm
Min. height approx. 93cm
Carrying length approx. 93cm
Max. load capacity approx. 4kg
Weight approx. 1780g
Connection 5/8 inch spigot with 1/4 inch thread
Material aluminium, plastic (fasteners)

Included in delivery:

1x walimex pro LED Video Light with 192 LED, incl. diffuser sheet, orange color filter sheet, ball head, charger, 12V car cable, power supply and NP-F970/960 battery
1x walimex pro FT-8051 Lamp Tripod, 260cm with convenient carrying bag (EAN code: 4250234503723 ) (ID: 9200000031648575 Walimex) Ga je straks ook terug kleding aanschaffen in Klein Genhout ? walimex pro verlichtingsset Video Set Up 128 in Klein Genhout

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